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Since we setup in 2007, we have been doing what we excel at, which is creating and delivering great photographs. Over these last 12 years, we have earned your affection and trust because of the way we think about photography. For us, creating a photograph is not merely a technological process, rather it is about capturing the right fleeting moment and preserving it for you. It is about the joy, which lights up your face when you look at a photograph reflecting the right memory. At Arpit Studio, we don’t depend on your smile to click a beautiful picture, we are committed to make you smile… We are committed to help you Experience Joy.


We shoot professional photographs. We do wedding, events, pooja & ritual photography.
Large format Super Quality Photo, Urgent Passport size photo.
We make standard quality size (USA 50x50),
(CANADA 70x50), (JAPAN 30X40) (GULF 34x45) photos for Visa purpose of all countries.

Stickers & Stamps

Large size stickers, logo design & stamps are available with us.


US Diversity Visa form opening soon...

Flex Banner

We provide flex design & printing services.


We shoot professional videos of event.


Online forms and e-payment services.
Lok Sewa II Banks II Nursing II Engineering II Agriculture II


Arpit Studio provides a range of specialized photography and videography services to suit any wedding occasion

Wise Words from Customers

"These are my go-to guys for the flex banners I need since 2015"
Sovit Tamrakar
"अर्पित फोटो स्टुडियोको उत्कृष्ठ सेवा, सुविधा देखि म अत्यन्तै प्रभावित छु"
गोपाल अग्रवाल

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